Sunday, 10 February 2013

Lines That Boil My Blood

Ok so, you're writing a song and everything links, makes sense and looks perfect.
Well I hope to science that you haven't used any of the following!
These are the epitome of TERRIBLE lines, featured in soo many songs like a #YOLO trend! I can never see how anyone can think theses even make sense and sound good. Using any of the following will be deemed 'cringeworthy', so watch out:

'make it through'  - Make it through what exactly?? You're piles of money or the extortionate amount of love your fans give you?

'in the world, today' - Well I'm sure it was around yesterday and will be around tomorrow

'seen the light' - are you religious? Are you dying? live in a cave?

'my friend' - okay, rub it in that you have some and I don't

Please, feel free to add your own

1 comment:

  1. anything like being "lost and then found" or "catch me when i fall" rephrased in many different ways and nearly always just filling lines in a song. kills me.