Friday, 18 April 2014

UNCOVERED SOUNDS: Mrs. Magician - There Is No God

That moment when you discover a band's music and then discover they split up last week…
That's what happened when I came across Mrs. Magician.

Once in a blue moon Spotify recommends a band that fits my taste and actually sounds fitting to my ears; opposed to bringing me to the point of tears with the utter shit that apparently sounds similar to my usual 'listens'. So along came Mrs. Magician - cool name. Kudos to the album artwork. Finally, the moment of truth came along - I clicked play on 'There Is No God'.

'There Is No God' could be mistaken for an angry Beach Boys song. The beautiful composition exaggerates the purposeful fuzz and distortion, like Surf Rock with a tidal wave. Similarly, the vocals create the atmosphere suiting for the song - crackling, distorted - but what makes me 'tingle' are the haunting harmonies. The song's major key falsely leads you into a positive frame of mind, but then lyrics like 'We're all going to die' are delivered in an ironic fashion. Being a short 2 minutes 37 makes it the perfect song length, leaving you wanting more.

Excited, I went straight to Facebook to find out more and to see if they were touring. This was when I sadly discovered that they had just played their last show.

So all I can do is share their musical genius before they become a distant memory. Thank you Mrs. Magician. I may have discovered you too late but we still have your music.


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