Saturday, 31 May 2014

MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW: Fat White Family - Touch The Leather

Is It Wrong That This Turns Me On A Little?

The Fat White Family, Fat White Family, Fat Whites, etc... With a combination of a few - slightly - different names, Fat White Family have finally started getting the recognition they deserve. Reviews, interviews and video premieres from the likes of NME, The Guardian and The Quietus provide the confirmation that individuality in music is still thriving and Fat White Family are at the front of the queue.

Fat White Family come from a favourite label of ours, Hate Hate Hate Records, who have previously put out The Wytches and are on the ball when it comes to alternative music. Their 7 inch single for Touch The Leather, released on 10th March 2014 and limited to 750 copies, has already sold out (I got my copy).

Now, if you haven't seen their video to Touch The Leather, prepared to feel dirty...

MUSIC: Gritty, trebly drums lead into a 'past-it', mentally deranged organ tone reminiscent of a reanimated zombie version of Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys (no, he's not quite dead yet). A casually teasing guitar riff reinforces the lo-fi quality and eeriness, once the trademark of garage punk legends, The Cramps. Can you get your head around what possible childhood trauma singer, Lias Saudi, must've had to produce such a rough, grating but encapsulating vocal that slowly slithers up your skin making your bones rattle to an extent that you just want to rip your what-ever high street brand clothes off? And breathe... Yes, you have been hypnotised. You are now at Chernobyl after the nuclear explosion. Can't you hear the fairground music being played by the deformed entities that were once happy, normal human beings like you? Don't be afraid. Their name is The Fat White Family and you are now one of their many disciples.

VIDEO: That ass, that ass, that ass...


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