Wednesday, 12 February 2014

UNCOVERED SOUNDS: Denisse de Kalafe - Guerra (from Coffin Joe - Awakening of the Beast)

Whilst watching a Coffin Joe documentary I came across this song, from one of his films called 'Awakening of the Beast'.  Although it's in Portuguese, they translated the lyrics in the documentary and I was caught off guard. With just the way she's singing the lyrics, it's beautifully depressing - I haven't heard anything like it.

I managed to create a translation below from Google Translate (although some parts don't make sense).

I would totally love to hear someone cover this in english.

Lyrical translation:

War, war, war
Word terminating
Inside of me
The fear of the end
Order to kill
Kill to end
With all the love
With all the heat
What's still in the world
Although unclean, unclean because
do you
Crying what you see

Peace, peace, peace
I know no more
But try to forget
We die
Die very early
Because of fear
Because of crazy
I know there are few
They want so
An end to all
Through war
making sweeping
From the earth
Everything that exists
My God will be sad.

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